Pocket Science Funfair

We believe there is nothing more exciting, mystifying, reassuring, puzzling, dangerous, useful or challenging in the world than science.

And there’s nothing more satisfying than watching a curious kid become sucked into that exciting, mystifying, reassuring and puzzling world at the Pocket Science Funfair…

… except watching their parents get sucked in as well.

We show young people the weird and wonderful side of science; we put it in their hands and let them play with it, and we point out that it is part of life.

Our passion is to make science accessible, affordable, and most importantly fun.

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Serious bit – What You Can Bring Away From The Funfair

Splat the Rat

Learn about reaction times, and improve your driving


Realise you can’t always trust your eyes – you sometimes can’t see things that are under your nose; sometimes you see things that aren’t there at all. Realise what clever calculations your brain undertakes to work out what it’s looking at

Guess the Weight of the Cake

Understand why you should weight ingredients carefully.

Shrinking Box

This is how they filmed the Hobbits

Upside-Down Goggles

Demonstrates how young children first learn to draw – also how stroke victims relearn to draw


It is always surprising to find the beauty that’s right under your nose

The Incredible Machine

The basics of engineering are learned here – team-work and the importance of making mistakes (aka research).

Spaghetti Towers

The importance of the triangle, or cross-brace, in making strong structures.

Climate Science games

Developed at the Natural History Museum, the games introduce difficult subjects in an easy form

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