Planning your trip

Aware of cost-of-living worries, we have dropped the cost to you by keeping it local.

The address for almost the entire Hands-On Half-Term week is:

Scout Hut, by the Co-op, Old London Road, Patcham, Brighton BN1 8XR.*

The activities, for young people and parents, are largely free-with-collection. You don’t have to reserve places, but it  would be advisable (and it’s charge-free).

To help you have a good day out:

Please make sure your children are not left anywhere unaccompanied!

The Scout HQ is right by the Co-op, to the south. The hut is a low building, easy to miss.

For refreshments, the Secret Garden (on mar) is excellent for quality, and great for spaces, if it’s not raining. The bakery just before it does an excellent line in traditional cakes and savouries. The Co-op and the Post Office opposite also have food of the kind you would expect from a post office or a Co-op.

What is the right amount to give? Collections are taken on arrival. Consider this:

If you think Hands-On Half Term is a good idea? – Please ‘pay what you decide’

If you think it’s important for our children and their children to have a go at science outside of school, and to learn about life in a world full of complicated stuff, and it’s even quite interesting and useful for the grown ups actually?  – Give generously!

As a rough guide, the average gift per person at the Oxford Science and Ideas Festival was £2.50. They call it PWYD (Pay What You Decide)

Being new to the venue, we don’t know yet what the capacity is for different events. When they are labeled as ‘sold out’ there may still be spaces on the day. We’ll learn a lot from the first two days, and may increase capacity after the weekend. Keep checking.

*The coding workshops are in their traditional location, the i360, on the sea front – HERE and HERE

The map here shows the buses. The nearest train station is Preston Park, 2km down the London Road.

The advice always is to not drive. Walk, cycle, or take a bus if you can.

The streets are largely free of yellow lines, though finding a space can take a while, because of quite high usage.

At weekends the single yellow lines are free for parking.

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