Climate Science For Kids

  Extinction Rebellion and Brighton Science have created an entertainment to bring climate science to life for children and families. Developed for London’s Natural History Museum and Brighton’s Unitarian Church.

The science is clear, the games are fun, the reviews are good – see HERE

Scientists have checked the weather everywhere on Earth for the last million years (they can, you know) and now there’s no doubt: We . Have . A . Problem . With . The . Climate.

The planet’s atmosphere is getting too hot, because of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air. We add CO2 to the air when we use energy. We must stop the CO2, to save all animals, including the human one. Kids know this, parents too, and teachers, and politicians know it too. But the world economy is heavy and lumbering. To get the change that’s needed will take a huge effort from everyone. That’s where you come in.

Welcome! Have a look, have a play, have an ask around, leave your email for contacting about more events.

Why did scientists miss it? Change Blindness

Scientists make amazing things! Usually they check that everything is safe. The menace of CO2 emissions, though, crept up so slowly, we were hardly aware of it until a few years ago, when it suddenly reared up. Watch the video to see how hard it is to see changes when they happen slowly.

Why did we dismiss the scientists?  

Scientists are special:  they have to be cool and, well, scientific; and they speak a language nobody understands; and, crucially, they can never be sure they are absolutely right. Even the theory of gravity is only a theory! It’s easy to ignore scientists; but not a good idea.

Endangered Kim’s Game

Remember Kim’s Game? Several objects are displayed for you; then they are covered and one is removed; then they are shown again… and you can’t remember what has gone! It’s like that with animals that disappear, as this game shows.

How to make a fan, free and easy!

Will this hand fan make you cooler? Yes! Why is it better than an electric fan? Electric fans and air conditioners actually make us all warmer! Find out why, and make ours (with a coded message) It’s quick, and easy, and fun, and cool, literally.

The Mass of Life

The Weizmann Institute has calculated the weight of all the living things on Earth. The image is available from HERE. This talk shows what it reveals… and it IS very revealing…

The Albedo Effect.

Two Greenlands! One is white with snow. The other Greenland is, um, green: the snow has gone. Each Greenland has ice-crafted Polar bears on it. Which Polar bears will melt first?. An elegant demonstration of the Albedo Effect – how snow reflects sunlight and keeps the Poles cold.

Higher or Lower

What do you reckon: Is the number of tame cats in this world higher or lower than the number of wild cats? Or what about the number of orang utans compared with chickens? A guessing game for all the family. With many surprises.

The Survival Game.

A board game for 2–4 players. Can your population of bears survive and reproduce in the Island habitat of your choice? They must compete with the other teams’ bears, avoid predators and disease, and moreover, cope with the arrival of Humans. Based on the Jelly Bear Evolution game

Endangered Tangrams

Tangrams need no introduction. Can you recognise the endangered animals. We are looking for more endangered animals, if you want to design some. Plus, I think the rhino could be improved?

(The answers are on the back)       Enjoy!

CO2 Balloon Bumping game

Richard Robinson shows you – with a neat party game – how carbon dioxide molecules work… and how very, very hard they do work! Two or three of these giant molecules could get the whole room dancing.

Relief Map – with little relief

Helen Skilton guides you around the world checking where is farmland and where is nature, which cities are going to flood, whereabouts is already too hot for humans to live. How much is habitable? And how much of that is for us, and how much for wildlife?

Fact or Opinion – Truth or Falsehood

The sun is hot”. “Dogs are the best pets”. “Fossil fuels are made from fossils”. Fact, or opinion or …? Helen Skilton explores with you facts, fictions and the murky grey area in between

Extinction Take-away

You will be amazed how many large animals used to live on these isles! Many are dead now – extinct! Using a selection of realistic animal models and labels, name the animals and the date of when they were last seen alive.

Tipping Points – the Balance of Nature

John Wood’s stunning model demonstrates the problem when more COis added to the atmosphere, than is being taken out. What happens when the Tipping Point is reached?     see here:

Bad Tipping Point – in an ecosystem

‘Jungle Jenga’ is a beautifully adapted game of Jenga that shows what happens to an ecosystem when one creature at a time is removed. No single animal’s loss causes the collapse: they all do together.

Good Tipping Point

No single person causes a rescue: We all do together. Our useful tipping point will come when everyone realizes that, together, we can make the necessary changes happen.  We are a social species: we are famously good at working together to solve problems.

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