Are We Nearly Here Yet?



In the new year 2024, beginning around mid January


The story of the universe from the Big Bang  to bang up to date, in 6 Zoom sessions. To find out when it will be on next, contact

Food for thought at breakfast time!

The Zoom sessions include readings from the book, with Powerpoint, plus games, chat, and experiments around the themes.

The experiments use simple equipment from around the home. The language is plain and easy to understand.

Richard Robinson is a best-selling author, and director of the Brighton Science Festival.

The attending adult and participants will be invited to ask questions throughout. Questions and answers are the best bit!


“… We wanted to say a BIG thank you to you! Dexter absolutely loved being part of this epic trek, he really looked forward to each session and was very keen to attend every single week! So glad that we joined you. You made everything fun, interesting and so easy to absorb…”

“…  We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey to being nearly here, thank you always!  We love your unique sense of nuance and humour – inspiring Keya (age 6) and all of our group… “

“…Thanks for including Zak in the science course. He really enjoyed it and the subject (which I don’t think is taught very well at his school) has become much higher profile to him (in spite of years of me trying! ). He is now saying he can’t wait to study science properly at secondary school and wants to be a scientist – so a pretty positive impact I would say!…”

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“Are we nearly there yet?” is what children say at the end of a long journey. We have been on a very long journey – almost 14 billion years – and there have been many adventures. Are We Nearly Here Yet tells some of the best of them.

You began with a Big Bang, and you’ve had a spectacular trip since then: squashed up in a star, exploding all over space, dissolving in acids, roasting in volcanoes, chewing insects, being chewed by dinosaurs… you were a germ, a worm, a fish, a mouse, an ape… surrounded by floods, famines, earthquakes, wars, and now surrounded by family, friends and plastic toys: a survivor!

Scientists have worked it all out, so it’s time to tell it like it is: 14 billion years in 12 chapters, simple enough to be understandable to 9-12 year-olds, detailed enough to be OK for their parents, fun enough to make them laugh, and astonishing enough to make them gawp.



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