Brighton Science Festival

Wild Food Walk

Wild Food Walk

Tuesday 18 February 2020

Join educator, forager and wild food experimentalist Fergus Drennan, and go back to the birth of science, the dawn of civilization, to explore one of the earliest aspects of science: the science of wild food and flavour. Exploring with deep curiosity the natural world around us, the wilds and not so wilds of Stanmer park will lead to detailed observation, leading to investigation, that leads to discovery, that leads to understanding of how to read and predict a landscape in terms of wild food potential. This can seem like pure magic. Magic it is, but it is also very logical, systematic and scientific.

In this highly engaging 1 hour outdoor workshop we shall explore Fergus’s Big Six essential wild food plants. These are all renowned for their versatility, abundance, and flavour.

In total we will uncover the food potential of up to 30 botanicals, including plants and fungi. You will learn how to identify them, how and when to harvest them, how to prepare them cooked (or raw when appropriate), as well as different ways to preserve and store them.

Perhaps at the end you might want to try a couple of Fergus’s wild food tasters, even consider going on to make them yourself, or decide to join Fergus again in Stamner park for a longer, more in-depth workshop with dozens of amazing tasters. Details below.

A healthy interest in plants and wild foods is inevitably entwined with a deep relationship with nature. If you want to get outdoors, get to know fungi, trees and plants, transform your average walk in the woods into an adventure, find new ways to relax, or if you just love creative, experimental science, then foraging and wild food is for you, and this event is your launchpad.

Join us in Stanmer Park under the welcoming shelter of a big army parachute, from which we will set out. Learn a lot, have a lot of fun, and then massively impress your friends with your amazing new knowledge.

Forages last 1 hr

Starting at 10.30am,  11.45am,  1.00pm,  2.15pm,  3.30pm
Suitable for ages 6+    Adults are most welcome, and hugely encouraged, to join in – children learn by imitation, so joining in is the best way to encourage learning.

Children aged 7 and under can come free. CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY ADULTS

£7 per person (children 7 and under are free)



Along with Fergus there will be other exciting workshops that bring science outdoors. Join
bushcraft instructor and entertainer Chris Packe for an amazing hands-on-fire making session in more ways than you knew were possible
String them together for an alfresco science experience you will never forget!

 Terms and Conditions:
Cancellations: Although, of course, valid and often unexpected occurrences do arise that lead to non-attendance, I’m increasingly finding that when there is no refund nearly 100% attendees show up, but with a refund, often people don’t attend. No refund helps focus intention to attend!

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Mobile: 07704801047

TO FIND STANMER HOUSE, don’t trust the postcode!

Either put ‘Stanmer House’ into your satnav, or absorb the map below.