Brighton Science Festival

Sink or Swim? Float and Bloat!

Sink or Swim? Float and Bloat!

Friday 21 February 2020

11.30am - 12.30pm

We are delighted to be taking part in the Brighton Science Festival 2020.

🐡Floating Fish and 🐾Buoyant Beasts – an otterly wonderful STEM workshop!

STEM is science, technology, engineering and maths. In our ever-changing world, problem-solving is a vital skill for the inventors, scientists, engineers, architects and designers of the future. Children have the best imaginations and we aim to nurture their interest so one day they can become the people who create things we now think are impossible.

STEM helps children to develop:

💡 Critical thinking

💡 Problem solving

💡 Effective communication

💡 Teamwork and respect for others

💡 Confidence

In this fun and friendly workshop, we discover that sea otters aren’t just cute and furry; they’re a keystone species that play a vital ecological role. Their voracious appetites for urchins help to maintain the balance of the near-shore kelp ecosystem. Learn about weights and measures as we explore the amazing amount of fish a female otter has to catch each day to feed herself and her hungry pups.

Why does a female sea otter tie up her babies?

To find out for ourselves, we give a cute model otter a dunk in the testing tank. Then children take their new furry friend for a spin to dry it off before taking it home. We squeeze out the water and squeeze in a bit of practical maths. Our investigation of centrifugal motion not only teaches your child the science, but also the real-life applications of this technology in our everyday lives.

Walking on Water

Children become engaged in science when they are doing practical activities. We will be investigating the clever creatures that can float. Find out how they avoid sinking below the surface due to their amazing adaptations.

We introduce children to the wonders and joys of science with a series of fun experiments about surface tension. We challenge them to create a creature that can stand on the surface of water, taking inspiration from nature.

When children get to know and love the natural world, they become the future guardians of our planet. Our mission is to inspire enthusiasm for learning and caring for the environment.

This STEM workshop introduces:

🐾 Volume

🐾 Weight

🐾 Surface tension

🐾 Centrifugal forces

🐾 Gravity

🐾 Marine Biology

🐾 Conservation

Friday 21 February

11.30am – 12.30pm

Suitable for ages 5-12, no unaccompanied children

£12 per child, accompanying adults free



Map. Parking is difficult in the area; better to walk, cycle or use public transport.