Brighton Science Festival

PLANET ‘B’ – Show and Tell

Friday 19 February 2021

2pm - 2.45pm

The government has committed us to reduce carbon emissions. Yet it has given permission for a new deep coal mine in Cumbria. Boris Johnson admits he doesn’t understand climate  change. Well!!! Even a child could tell him…

OK, a child will be able to tell him after coming to our Show and Tell.

We will be showing and telling our ideas and discoveries about the climate emergency. With clear pictures and plain talking, we will answer some of those nagging questions:

Why is Carbon Dioxide a greenhouse gas? …What have greenhouses got to do with it anyway? …What’s the connection between a warming planet and all the dreadful weather we’re getting? …Can Covid-19 be coming to our aid? …Is there any link between climate change and all the other stuff: extinctions, pandemics, plastic pollution, etc?

This session is based around the last two Planet B events, in February and October last year. Plus some new material from…


Well maybe some of you.

As before we are calling from contributions – drawings, poems, epic movies… whatever you can give, we can take, and add to the collection already assembled. 

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