Brighton Science Festival

Orchestra of Objects Presents… 2 interactive music workshops

Orchestra of Objects Presents... 2 interactive music workshops

Wednesday 19 February 2020

10.00am - 11.00am; 11.15am - 12.15pm

Part Dr Seuss a, touch of Heath Robinson and a dollop of garden shed inspiration. I invent my own musical instruments. Tooting, whistling, plinking and parping gizmos inspired by a wasteland of unwanted industrial objects.

Come and meet the ‘Pump-a-Phone’, ‘Grass-Xylo-Hopper’, and ‘Twisty-Bata-Drum’ among other creations in these fun sound and sculpture workshops. Think big! Think colourful! Think tuneful! Two super-enjoyable workshops that encourage hands on lateral thinking and bouncy fun music making. (Both 5+ years)


Music Making Workshop (Workshop 1)

Join in the wall of harmonic sound and get to explore these large percussion instruments build from all kinds of metals, stone (genuine rock music!), plastic and reclaimed woods. Become a conductor by using big physical gestures and simple hand signals to guide the ensemble of wacky instruments, and learn some fun rhythms and cool tunes to play together in this physical sound feast. Come get your groovy boots on!


Suitable for 5+ year-olds and parents

Times 10am – 11am; 

Tickets £6.50 


Building Sound Sculptures (Workshop 2)

Welcome all you budding makers. If you like building big then this is for you! It’s a hands on making workshop using prepared sets of recycled plastic pipes of all sizes and colours. They can be easily plumbed and connected together creating big colourful structures (a bit like giant K’NEX). And there’s more! As well exploring the sounds of pipes PARP! PARP!!! TRUMP! TRUMP! BUZZ BUZZ! WHIZZZZ!!! I will also bring along all kinds of different materials that can be added to the sculptures. Wheels, pumps, whistles, whizzers, spanners and just about anything that we can experiment on. This workshop lets children explore their lateral thinking and offers them a chance to work as a team on building something big and experiment with sound. So come on down and get building your  ZOOM! ZOOM!, DING! DING! KA BOOM! Creations ! (The Sculptures are not for keeping)


Suitable for 5+ year-olds and parents

Time 11.15am – 12.15pm

Tickets £6.50