Brighton Science Festival

Kids’ Brush Lettering Workshop

Kids' Brush Lettering Workshop

Wednesday 19 February 2020

2pm - 3:30pm

The course is designed for young students (ages 8-16) who desire to craft beautiful hand-written cards, letters, or just about anything that involves beautiful handwriting.
This is a perfect class for beginners! All tools are included. During this workshop we will be practising strokes and letters using the alphabet worksheets. After warming up our hands, we will move on to lettering phrases and quotes – creating your very own set of prints and cards to take home with you.

Strengths you may develop:

Verbal Strength
The process of brush lettering allows you to see the words in a different light. We will think of letters as shapes and practise drawing individual strokes before connecting them into words and phrases. Everyone will start the journey of developing their own hand lettering style with the help of different brush pens and colours.

Visual Strength
Brush lettering takes a certain level of concentration – we will be learning the differences between thick and thin strokes and applying this strategy to our lettering. It requires thinking in advance, which trains memory and evolves the artistic skills.

People Strength
The group will consist of similar minded people and it’s a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, connect and socialise.

Body Strength
We will be learning to engage our whole arm when lettering as opposed to using our wrist as we do in everyday writing. Our hand will build a muscle memory of applying pressure to the thick strokes and releasing pressure on the thin strokes of the letters.

 To be able to understand brush lettering basics, learn how to hold the brush pen, prepare your space for lettering.

2. Learn watercolour basics, preparing your palette and using a watercolour brush pen.

3. Learn to craft beautiful handwritten cards, letters, or just about anything that involves beautiful handwriting.


2.00pm – 3.30pm

Suitable for 8-16 year-olds