Brighton Science Festival

Are We Nearly Here Yet?

Are We Nearly Here Yet?

Thursday 20 February 2020

3.00pm - 4.30pm

The story of everything! Where did you come from? All your atoms turned up in the same place at the same time a few years ago to make the marvel that is YOU. Was that a miracle, a coincidence, a plan? Let’s look at your journey over the past 14 billion years, since the Big Bang.

… I know you think your existence has only been interesting for the past few years; but I promise, your atoms had a pretty exciting ride for billions of years before that: exploding stars, under-water volcanoes, evolution, bacteria, worms, dinosaurs, apes, humans, love, hate, parents, neighbours, wars, floods, famines and earthquakes, until at last, YOU arrived to make sense of it. Sit back and enjoy a white-knuckle ride through the Universe.

Parents: The serious aim of the show is to provide an overview of the whole arc of the Universe’s existence, to be a basic scaffolding on which young people can hang further knowledge as it arrives in the course of their life.  Throughout the show we keep a focus on their particular atoms, following them right up to the present day.

The show is an hour long (approx) , after which Q&As could take another 14,000,000,000 years, but we’ll try to keep it to 30 minutes.


“Informative  + mindblowing, really well illustrated, but also great storytelling + a fab show. Thank you. I thought it was marvellous, intrepid, funny, very interactive. No insults toward this marvellous adventure into life. It was very informative”.

“It blew my mind! I wouldn’t have known all this stuff if it wasn’t for this talk.” 

“…you made it great fun for our 7 year-old. Thanks for creating some ‘wonder’ that will spur lots of questions … which we love”.


3.00pm  – 4.30pm. Show lasts 1 hr, Q&A about 14 billion years

Suitable for all ages 

Price £4 per person