Brighton Science Festival

Achoo!! The science of a sneeze

Achoo!! The science of a sneeze

Wednesday 19 February 2020

11.30am - 12.30pm

Learn about what happens when we sneeze in this interactive workshop for children who love experiments. There are no worksheets or copying from the board, so the session is suitable for all children, regardless of ability. Children learn when they are engaged and having fun. What could be more fun than artificial mucus and fake noses?

We make human biology accessible to all with a range of hands-on experiments to encourage children’s natural curiosity. Join us to find out more about the fascinating story of what goes on under our skin and up our noses.

We will be investigating:

🤧 how pathogens are spread by sneezes;

🤧 how we can minimise airborne transmission;

🤧 how our body fights infection.

We will be harnessing children’s love of all things gross to feed their enquiring minds. Behind the fun, we develop scientific methodology by gently encouraging them to:

Make observations

Ask questions

Predict answers

Develop a hypothesis

Gather results

Draw conclusions

Share results and discuss them with others

If you’ve ever wondered why we say “Achoo!” when we sneeze, then this is the workshop for you (and your children!).


Wednesday 19 February

11.30am – 12.30pm

Suitable for ages 5-12, no unaccompanied children

£12 per child, accompanying adults free.



Map. Parking is difficult in the area; better to walk, cycle or use public transport.