Brighton Science Festival





Whatever happens at COP26 next week, we’ll be COPING with a different world soon.

Learning how to cope will be one thing, understanding why is another. This crisis was so unexpected. We had been doing so well, building an excellent world for ourselves. What went wrong?…

So many questions; so many answers; so much confusion. So…

We have organised a family-friendly session of explanations, demonstrations and games that answer some of the main questions, and might inspire some more questions (which we will also have answers for).

Drop in any time between 11 am and 2.45pm (it finishes at 3.30). Expected stay, 40 minutes



How did climate change creep up on us? The answer is: slowly. So slowly that many people still think there is no problem.

Change blindness: Our brains did not evolve to see it coming; our memories are not long enough to cope with slow changes; we cannot expect the unexpected. We will demonstrate this in a way that will astonish. 

What is CO2? We will examine it, using some games and models that will show you why it is dodgy molecule.

Dangerous tipping points: we show how in nature things can happen very suddenly, like avalanches (literally a ‘tipping’ point). The present climate crisis is nearly at its tipping point.

Useful tipping points: Humans sometimes make decisions as a community which are sudden and unanimous – we did so with car seat belts, smoking and recently with covid. Once we all realize the danger we can work together brilliantly. We are now on that tipping point.

We’ve sorted things before: The history of crisis management through wars, plagues, famines, floods, hurricanes and avalanches. We’re a ‘super-organism’; we are built for crisis.

How to save energy: The old can lead from behind. They will remember how we used to cope. We will rediscover the tricks of the past to help us plan for the future.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 30   11.00 am – 3.30 pm

          St Augustines Centre,  Stanford Avenue, Brighton  BN1 6EA   

          Drop in at any time. Likely stay: 40-60 minutes

         All ages

         Tickets £3.50. Under 12s, £1.50.                on the door, cash or card or online HERE

         No unaccompanied children; sorry.

         Please wear masks. Sanitiser will be provided.

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