Chap 1 – Space – What’s in space? Book notes – Space

Chap 1/Space/What’s in space?What is space?

In between all the stuff we can see – the planets, stars, galaxies and nebulas, there is empty space, although it’s not quite empty, it has light going through it. You might not think light can be called ‘stuff’ – after all you can’t hold it, cook it or put it in boxes – but light, magnetism, and gravity are free to roam around all of space, having an influence on everything, and dark energy and dark matter appear to be there, too, though we cannot detect them. Is there any stuff as we know it – air, gold, oxygen? – no, not so you would notice.

If thee’s no stuff, there can be no sound, because sound needs stuff to travel through (see whyHERE). So when a star explodes, we hear nothing!

Yes, it’s true what the horror movie said: In space, no one can hear you scream!




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