Brighton Science Festival

Pocket Science – Quotes

As part of the Widening Participation programme, we took Pocket Science on tour during the spring and summer of 2016. Here are some quotes from some participants. 

What, if anything, did you consider to be the most useful part of the activity for you or the participants?

“Having the chance to do things for themselves rather than just being told about it/shown video.”

“The kinesthetic nature of this workshop really means it stands about from other learning activities. It is unlike anything we are able to offer ourselves which makes it an incredibly valuable means of engaging students who have different learning preferences.”

“How simple scientific tricks could be used to help and explain to young people how science is the backbone of everyday things that are taken for granted.”

“It is always very useful to be able to provide a different or new experience to the young people at Youth Club. The Youth Club aims to provide activities that the children wouldn’t necessarily experience at home or in school, so this fitted the bill perfectly.”

“The presentation style was fun, and that really engaged them.”

“I really liked that Richard was excellent at engaging our young people right form the start of the session, and kept bringing new things to them.”

“I thought the energy and enthusiasm of the volunteers was fantastic. Their ability to capture the attention of the young people was great. Fantastic team!”

What, if any, were the benefits of the activity to you or the participants?

“Chance to work cohesively was great. They sometimes find that hard but there were no issues here!”

“We particularly valued the problem solving element and the enquiring and positive attitude that was encouraged. This is a great transferable lesson for the students and one that we are able to build on.”

“Gave them the opportunity to see demonstrations of the effects basic scientific rules and theories and explore / question the fundamentals of why results were achieved.”

“For once, they were calm and listened.”

“Science can be fun”

“I think all the young people gained from the event and get a better understanding of how science impacts our everyday lives, how our eyes don’t always tell the truth and what fun can be had from a microscope!”

“One of our helpers was especially interested in everything demonstrated.”

“We like to vary our programme and this was something very different for them and suited our kids very well.”

“I feel as though they were able to get a real one-to-one feel as a science lesson and saw they could enjoy the subject.”

“The children had great fun at each activity table and interacted well with Richard”

Finally, are there any comments you would like to make about the activity?

“All our leaders loved it as well!”

“None. Other than PLEASE come to Coldean Primary next year (as I will be working there again then). The kids are great to work with and will love you!!”

“The workshop was delivered in a professional and humorous manner and after a slow start a good rapport was built with those young people who were engaged and interested.”

“Many thanks for coming – the children were very engaged and asked loads of questions.”

“Thank you so much for your time and amazing workshop- our members really had a lovely evening – My grandson is still talking about it!!!”

“I think it was brilliant. I thought Richard did a fantastic job at engaging our young people and sneaking in science to what was a fun and entertaining manner of activities.”

“We are very grateful for Richard coming and would love him to came back again.”

“A great event that was very thoughtfully done, with activities that were suitable for all ages (both adult and young people).”