Brighton Science Festival

You are the Hero!

You are the Hero!

Saturday 13 February 2021


Please come and join me on a remarkable journey that will leave you with the realization that you are a real live superhero!

From the maker of Elements Kapa the periodic table card game comes this year a new book that will prove that you are far more amazing than you have ever realized!

We will discover 15 of the main elements that make up your incredible body…and some bizarre and unbelievable facts and figures about you that will boggle the mind?!? for example…if you uncoiled all the DNA in your body it would stretch to Pluto and back! and….50000 cells in your body would have died and been replaced by the time you have read this sentence!

Suitable for age 7+ 

FREE – Email Richard at for the Zoom link (use the subject line ‘Elements’).