Brighton Science Festival



Saturday 17 February 2018

10:30am - 5:00pm


Saturday 17th February 2018, 10:30am–5:00pm


A day of games, talks, discussions, workshops … and TRULY BRAIN-BLASTING, OUT-OF-BODY ILLUSIONS from the Sackler Centre’s exhibition Being SomeBody. Talks about everything from our own unconscious biases to why swearing can be good for you. Quick-fire debates on crucial issues with Talkaoke and Stand-up philosophy. A live cartooning workshop from an expert. Plus games, tricks and refreshments … So allow at least 2 hours. And don’t forget to stick around for the evening show!


The Sackler Centre’s famous exhibition and demonstration Being SomeBody is the centrepiece of this special day for young people. Debate and discussion of will be MC’ed by the Stand-Up Philosophers and the irresistible Talkaoke Table. Meanwhile, find out why Swearing Is Good For You, and check out your prejudices with What’s Your Bias. Enjoy the science, the crafts, the refreshments, the games, and find out what it’s like ‘to be SomeBody’.


Ages 11+


£7, £5 students and concessions





Being SomeBody

Join a team of neuroscientists, computer scientists and psychiatrists dedicated to cracking consciousness to explorehow your experience of the world is shaped by your body. Take part in interactive demonstrations using virtual and augmented reality that alter the experience of your body and shift how you perceive the world. 

All day

  Tap into Talkaoke!

Water is the most precious resource on the planet. All life depends on it, but we usually take it for granted – we think it’ll always be there, on tap. But don’t worry, Southern Water are here with their unique pop-up talk show. Discuss everything from the sinking Solomon Islands to Astro Turf cup finals – and come up with your own ideas about how to protect our water future. 

All day

  Life on Earth: The Human Contribution to Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity is critical to human well-being, yet we are continuing to monopolise and change the planet for our own ends. Through this highly interactive talk – with games! – scientist and science communicator Tony Curran tells you what you need to know about biodiversity loss, the threats many species now face – and how you can do your bit to protect nature.


What’s Your Bias?

Pollsters, politicians and pundits have been trying to get to the bottom of why we vote the way we do for years – but as any election aficionado will tell you, they’re pretty good at getting it wrong. Lee De-Wit looks into the psychology of the poll booth, from fairness to fake news, and uncovers some surprising facts about what goes through our heads when we put an x in a box. 


‘Life, the Universe, and Everything’ – Drawing Workshop

Join graphic novelist Daniel Locke for a day of drawing and fun. This comicbook art workshop is inspired by his new book, Out of Nothing. Daniel will introduce you (and your parents!) to experimental drawing processes and a whole bunch of fun drawing games.


Swearing is Good for You

Swearing, it turns out, is an incredibly useful part of our linguistic repertoire and has been shown to reduce physical pain, help stroke victims recover their language, and encourage people to work together as a team. Join author and neuroscientist Emma Byrne for a funny and fascinating look at the amazing science of bad language.


What is Knowledge? (Stand-up Philosophy Workshop)

Science is all about knowledge. But can we really say we ‘know’ anything for certain? And what do scientists mean when they talk about ‘evidence’? Charlie Duncan Saffrey, a comedian, teacher and the founder of ‘Stand-up Philosophy’, leads a fun discussion for young sceptics into the philosophical foundations of science. (‘Outstanding’ – Ofsted; ‘Very funny’ – The Philosophers Magazine)