Brighton Science Festival

Elements Kapa: Science Superheroes

Elements Kapa: Science Superheroes

Saturday 31 October 2020


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Learning the table of elements is a tedious chore at school, but a gripping game at home, if you learn by playing Top Trumps. You can know your elements before you’re seven years old!

Elements Kapa is a superhero-themed card game offering a fun and intuitive way for children to learn about the periodic table. Using inventive illustrations, the game turns the elements into superheroes who do battle as players gain a deeper understanding of what makes up all matter.

The way to victory is to know the facts. Fortunately the facts are accompanied by fascinating stories of how they came about, and what crazy and dangerous ideas people had about them back in the day. They used to be almost worshipped for their superhuman properties, and were given superhuman names to match.

What can slow down the speed of light to 38 miles per hour? What was the only element not discovered on Earth? Who was made to stand waist-deep in water for all of eternity? What element was discovered in Transylvania and can make you stink of garlic?

Richard Cope, the originator of the game is full of the stories of the superheroes behind the cards. Richard Robinson, the director of Brighton Science Festival, is eager to learn. But which titan will win the actual game?

Sat 31 Oct at 12-1pm and Sun 1 Nov at 4-5pm

Suitable for ages 9+

Tickets £3.50

This is an online event – Zoom details will be sent to ticket holders

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