Brighton Science Festival

Pocket Science Funfair

Saturday 16 February 2019

10.30am - 4.00pm

Here is all the fun of the fair, plus all the buzz of science, with  over twenty different discoveries and games to play, and enthusiastic explainers to help you laugh and learn.

Plus special guest events each day: today, Richard Cope presents his new game of Elements Kapa: like Top Trumps, but featuring the elements of the Universe; so you can enjoy the game and learn an important thing or two. And the cards are beautiful to play with. Is it difficult? You can’t get more elementary.

Plus, loads of magic:

Magic with electrostatics – the force that holds the Universe together. You can use it to bring some toilet paper to life. The science is a small step for a grown-up brain, but a great leap forward for a child’s mind.

Magic with gravity: The Gull-poo Shooting Gallery allows you to take control of the ‘message from the sky’, and aim the gull poo squarely at your loved-ones.

Magic with friction: Make a superhero, monster or any character, and set it climbing up the wall.

Magic with photographs: Shrink the kids small enough to take them home in a box.

***But as the motto says: science is often magic, but magic is always science***

Plus Marble runs, Guess the Weight of the Cake,  Upside-down Goggles, Splat the Rat, Illusions, the Incredible Machine … a full fairground’s worth of fun! 

Recommended age 7+ (no unaccompanied children, sorry)

Saturday 16th – Tuesday 19th February

10.30am – 4.00pm (drop-in any time, but allow at least an hour to see and do everything!)

£4 per person, family ticket £14, under 7s free. BOOK NOW or buy tickets on the door. 

British Airways i360, Lower Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2LN